Rose interesting facts

Rose 524

Round Things Laying Down Color 922

Winter Branches 224

Revisiting the Color Wheel 2022

Rose 523

Roses Four Ways

523 Rose 523

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Shelter-in-Place Handouts, March 2020 to….

Back to Basics Color Wheel 2024

CP Basics Forms in Nature 124

Perspective with Flowers and Leaves
Light on Form 223
Limited Palette with ColorNew Year Project
Fruit to Flower-October in the Garden

Round Things Laying Down Color 922

Laying Down Color- 320

Zinnias and Perspective and Foreshortening 822

Of Nodes and Petioles and Veins

Draw the Harvest

Paint by Number revised

Daisies and other Composites

Botany for the Artist
Drawing Spring Flowers 
Creating Shadows for White Flowers
What is budding in your Garden 122
Leaves and Berries
Leaves Detail and Finishing
Thoughts about Leaves in Transition
Leaves in Perspective 10-21
The Colors of the Fall Garden
October in the Garden – Seeds and Pods
Round things Value Form and Color
Working on Mylar 718
Aster Family 721

Composite Centers
Rose 621
Week 62-New Tools, Pencils and Techniques

Week 60-Drawing Nature
Week 58-Roses Four Ways
Week 56-Leaves by the Masters
Watercolor Pencil Supplies
Week 54- Drawing Leaves
Week 52-Botany for the Artist
Week 50-Daffodils 
Week 48- Drawing the Rose Family
Week 46- Lichen -Worlds within Worlds
Week 44- Drawing from your Garden
Week 42-Winter Twigs
Week 39- Twisty leaves and sepals Perspective and Foreshortening
Week 37- Highlights, Reflected light, and Cast Shadows
Week 35- Refining Your Leaf Drawing
Week 33- Autumn Leaves- Color Play
Week 31-Forms in Nature Creating Browns
Week 29- Zinnias
Week 27- Working with Peppers, Foreshortening and Shine
Week 25- Round Things Laying Down Color
Week 23- Drawing Sun-Flowers
Week 21- Draw the Harvest
Week 19- Leafs-Twisting and Curling
Week 17- Leaves in Perspective
Week 16-Drawing a Leaf-Working with Greens
Week 15- Work and Play
Week 14- Underpainting with Watercolor
Week 13- Composite Flowers
Week 12 -What We Learned from the Birds
Week 11- Racemes- Drawing in Perspective
Week 10-Diving deeper into color- red
Diving deeper into color-blank chart
Week 9- Journaling the Garden
Week 8-Putting it Together with Roses
Week 7- Looking at the Color Wheel
Week 7-The Color Wheel
Week 6- Draw a Round Thing  
Week 5- Working with Toning and Shadows 
Week 4- Looking at Angles and Negative Space 
Week 3- Consider the Trees 
Week 2- Copy the Masters  
Week 1- Simple Drawing tips

Colored Pencil Basics-Supplies and Books and Techniques
Revisiting the Color Wheel

Back to Basics color application

Tiles and Patterns in Spain and Morocco

Drawing Composite Flowers

Color Saturation


Simple Drawing Lessons, The handouts below in one pdf document.

5-16-16 Perspective and Foreshortening

5-30-16 Contour Drawing

6-7-16 Drawing Overlaps

6-14-16 Negative Space

6- 21-16 The flower

Drawing a Flower

Forms in Nature Creating Form

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