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Coming up in the New Year:

Drawing Spring Flowers hosted by
Point Reyes National Seashore Association
Saturday, March 18th , 10-2 PST

Join me to draw the flowers of spring, daffodils, tulips, fruit tree blossoms, wildflowers or whatever is happening in your world at this time of year. Colored Pencils are a fun, safe, and portable way to express oneself artistically. They are slow, calming, and meditative, easy to use for the beginner and challenging for the advanced artist. Watercolor pencils allow us to create the transparent look of some of the flowers or give us an underpainting for richer more vibrant color.

We will spend time drawing several flowers, make color choices, and work on application. We will play with watercolor pencil or regular watercolor and applying dry colored pencils over or on their own. Using botanical drawing techniques, learn the basics of color theory, drawing, and application, maybe even a little botany. 

The new year  is a time to renew  your commitment to art and nature and explore color your surroundings and the changes that are emerging. Spend time looking and drawing and discovering color and botany. 

All drawing levels are welcome. A supply list will be provided.

I continue to do online bi-weekly 1.5 hour zoom classes and am scheduling one in person class a month at the Sebastopol Center for the Arts and seasonally at Pt. Reyes and the El Dorado Nature Center in Long Beach

Contact me if you are interested in joining us.   

Updated February 2023

Click here for my Colored Pencil Supply List 2022
Check with locale for supply list for a specific class.

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Upcoming Online workshops in 2023:
All drawing levels are welcome. In one day workshops we focus on one a seasonal flower(or leaf or fruit) ,do color studies and draw and color our specimen. The Online bi-weekly classes are 1.5  hours. Participants provide their own specimens to draw.
A supply list (see above) is provided.

Coming up in the New Year:

Drawing Spring Flowers hosted by
Point Reyes National Seashore Association

In Person, Saturday, March 18th , 10-2 

Eldorado Nature Center, Long Beach, 
In Person, Saturday, April 29th, 10-1 
Registration at the Nature Center, starting in April


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