Shelter-in-Place Quilts

Update to the post below: The quilt was the second quilt in a project started by my friend Josie Carraher in Folsom, California and included my daughter, Karen Falkner in Long Beach, CA.  We each made a house block every day that we sheltered in place and shared them with each other at the end of the day. We assembled these houses into our own quilts.

I laid mine out in weeks, seven days across, Sunday through Saturday like the calendar. Eight to nine weeks down. I did my houses for a year ending in the week of March 18th, 2021. I needed time to add borders, have them quilted, add binding and hand sew the binding and labels. Four quilts are now completely finished. The fifth is in the binding stage and the sixth is waiting for borders and the rest. 

This quilt, along with the other four, was quilted by Maria Tamaoka of Pinwheels Fabrics, in Ridgefield, CT. This quilt now lives in Brooklyn, NY with my daughter, Laura Torell.

Here are some of the blocks from the past year. 

Shelter-in-Place, May 18- July 17, 2020, Shelter -in – Place Quilt #2

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